Thursday, March 14, 2013

Escape From the Shelter by Chi-Ping

        Never go for car rides. That’s what the street dogs told me. I told
Blondie this, but she wouldn’t listen. That bitch loves to ride in the car. Last week we were loaded up and taken to a shelter in Pinones.
Friendly dogs welcomed us. It’s a good place. We’re all well treated here, but I don’t want to be a shelter dog.
I wanted to go home, so as soon as I got the chance, I scooted out the gate and ran for freedom. I didn’t know which way to go. I headed south along the ocean. My caretakers were in hot pursuit, but I was faster. The sun beat down on my black coat, but I didn’t let that slow me down. I trotted across streets looking for the way home. These boys just didn’t give up. I didn’t have a second to get my bearings, so I kept moving. The road ended at a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Big waves splashed below. I didn’t know what to do. As I stood there trying to figure out my next move, one of the boys scooped me up. A well delivered stinging nip didn’t cause him to put me down the way I’d hoped. He handled me gently, so I didn’t bite hard, maybe, I should have. I want to go home. I didn’t know how happy I was, now all I can think about is my home on the hill with poppy and mom. Yes, she’s my human mom. I love them. I just want to go home.
 Before long I was back in the shelter. The boys were cleaning again. The other dogs stood around or were playing. How could they stand being ripped from their homes? Why weren’t they as upset as I was?
The dogs at the shelter were starving on the street when Adri picked them up. They were very happy to be here. When Adri walks through the kennel all the dogs look at her with adoring eyes. Adri is a loving lady. I like her very much, but I want to go home. I never want to go on another car ride again in my life. I told Blondie.
Mom comes to visit every other day. Sometimes she spends the night with us. She said that poppy is in the hospital. We’ll go home when he gets out. I can’t wait. Meanwhile Adri pets me under my chin and tells me how beautiful I am. Life in the shelter isn’t bad, but I can’t promise I won’t run away again.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Going to the Shelter

Frankie hasn’t come to live with us yet. Kirt, my husband has been hospitalized in San Juan. Daily treks between the hospital and home to take care of the dogs were a burden, but these are my dogs. I couldn’t just leave them out all day, even if I had to drive a hundred sixty miles each day.
Adri invited the dogs and me to stay with her for the duration of Kirt’s hospitalization. The lady with the big heart took in more strays, one human and two canine. With a fifteen minute drive I can visit the girls, enjoy some down time and get back to my husband.
Blondie, my experienced street girl walked into the yard of dogs greeting the biggest first. Chi-Ping’s hackles raised and her tail tucked. It was clearly an oh, shit expression. She searched the fence for a way out, found none and began to look around. I knew she was terrified. I can only guess at how she had been kept before she came my way. Being a fifteen pound dog in a yard with big dogs is probably intimidating enough without baggage. Street dogs know how to get along, so I didn’t worry when I left to go back to the hospital.
The doctors make rounds about five in the morning, so it’s easier just to stay the night rather than take a chance of missing them. When I returned the next morning, the girls were in the house with Adri’s canine cadre. My furry friends from my last visit greeted me with my girls, who looked comfortable in their environment. After a quick shower I noticed that Chi-Ping was waiting at the door, another clear expression. Blondie stayed close to me.
When Adri returned from running errands, I could see the affection Blondie and Chi-Ping already feel for her. These are two friendly enough dogs, but not over the top suck up canines by any means. Other friends have sweet talked them without more than a polite response from the girls. Dogs fall in love with Adri more for her loving positive energy than her high pitched happy talk, which I must say is pretty darn good.