Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Puerto Rican Street Dogs

Hello Puerto Rico,
The rich island culture includes the boriquas living with dogs in much the same way as you do today. Better to feed a street dog the leftovers than the rats in the garbage cans, does not begin to describe the relationship the island people have with their feral dogs.
Street dogs sound the alarm, when night walkers slip down the road. With dogs on the porch, no rats are near my house. Watching the behavior of free ranging dogs is one of my favorite pastimes. Given that this is also a historical relationship, I thoroughly get the lifestyle choice; part of Puerto Rican heritage, like cock fighting.
All of the wonderful activistas on this island working their butts off cannot shelter and adopt out all of the free born creatures.  Trap, Neuter & Release works, if people care.
 It doesn’t take much to keep an animal from starving. If people are kind to the animals by feeding their leftovers, the loyal dogs protect their providers. When I see neighborhoods with healthy looking dogs on the street, I believe that Puerto Rican People do love their Satos/street dogs. Other places I see dogs so hungry I stop my car to feed them. If the people of the island want Satos/street dogs, they need to share what they have with their neighbor dogs. Allowing a fellow creature to starve under your nose is so unworthy of us. We are better than that!
For some people it is better to enjoy a Sato/street dog than to have their own dogs. Some people should not be allowed to have a dog. Those are the… ,oh, what is that word in Spanish that adequately describes the people who would discard their dogs on the side of the autopista, a sixty-five mile an hour death trap, oh yeah, pendejos.
The last two times I've traveled the toll way from San Juan to Arecibo, I’ve seen freshly abandoned animals. It’s easy to spot the newly tossed dogs. They look like they don’t know what they’re doing, confused and scared in varying degrees sketched on their faces. Animal lovers of Puerto Rico, if you seen this cruelty, take pictures. These heartless fiends need to be exposed.
All of the hard work of dedicated human beings undone by unfeeling cruelty should not be tolerated in a loving society such as Puerto Rico Photograph atrocities such as abandonment; report to cruelty investigators such as Alma Febus. You can also go to the police. Become part of the solution.