Monday, January 13, 2014

Traveling Veterinarians of Puerto Rico

Forty Veterinarians neutering 40 dogs three days a week for a year equals 249,600; that’ll put a dent in the critter population growth, so how do we get to that goal?  
Being clueless in Puerto Rico, I talked to my friend and local La Que Sabe, Alma Febus, whose direct, no shit approach to things I adore.

Alma said, “Before you think about getting forty vets, find out what’s happening with the two vets on the island, who have the travelling clinics. Are they busy with neutering, vaccinating; learn what’s going on with them.”
Did you know that Alma Febus was a member of the NYPD? She has that logical cop’s mind.
I’m the new kid on the block, what do the island activists want to know about the traveling Veterinarians of Puerto Rico?
Where or how far will you travel?
How long in advance do we need to schedule a neuter/veterinary care day?
Contact information:
How is the day billed?
Cost per spay or castration, table of available treatments and charges. Pre advertised prices reduce misunderstandings and lost revenue.
For the benefit of the veterinarian providing this valuable service collaboration between rescues will provide the amount a vet needs in order to make a living.

Do the vets provide pre and post care handouts with the service list and prices?
The best location for a clinic day is? What should we look for?
What funding is available to subsidize a clinic day?

Prices need to be low enough that poor families will make a non essential purchase because it’s the right thing to do.

Who on your staff works with non profits to set up a clinic day?

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Cruz’s team in action in Pinones; two thumbs up for a fine team. Dr. Rivera has the other traveling set up, I haven’t met him yet.

 Wouldn’t you like to know more about them?  What should we ask?
The information will be shared, so we can keep these guys working, and then others will want to join them. Alma, you’re brilliant.
It’s easy to comment on the blog; I fixed the settings. What do we want to know?
 I’ll think of the good questions after, like I did when I interviewed Iris Quinones, President of OICA.

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  1. Hi Tricia, I have sent a message to you via Facebook about this, hope to get more information on the mobile vets in PR.