Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pitbull Wandering the Neighborhood

The Sato hill gang chases off stray dogs wandering through the neighborhood, but yesterday morning when I opened the door Lucky and Robert Redford clamored to get in the house with ears back worried looks.
A large intact pitbull pissed on my tires. “No!” I hollered as my scared boys ran in the door. Chi-Ping looked like a prickly pear with every hair standing on end. She barked and growled. The pit looked aggravated by her. Where the hell was the vinegar spray I keep by the door?

Blondie wanted no part of this boy. She laid in a ball on the veranda on the far side of the house, pretending to sleep. So far he knew to leave that sleeping bitch lie, but Chi began snapping her tiny jaws at the pit’s well-muscled head.
The handsome pecker pissed on the tires again. This is not allowed on my carport, so I grabbed my little bat out of the car and thumped it against the tire. Pit boy got the message.
My hope to get Chi in the car and away from the big dog she was really beginning to annoy didn’t happen. She always tries to jump in the car when the door opens. Now, her hair stood in a ridge down her back, like a Mohawk, her eyes gleamed with rage and she spit through her teeth in a growl.
The pit began to stiffen. He clearly had enough of her. I scooped her up; he went for her. “No,” in my most authoritative tone was greeted by what sounded like, “F that,“ in pitbull Spanish, as he leaped at the snarling little critter in my arms.
Chi-Ping seldom cooperates when it counts and this was no exception. She wiggled and squirmed for all she was worth to get the bad dog.
The nobody home look in the pitbull eyes told me of trouble to come, if I didn’t get Chi in the house now. A lifetime of experience won out as I wacked the pit on the nose when he leaped for my little girl, Chi, who had to be tightly clamped under my arm until I could get her in the door.
The pit stepped about three feet away from me after the smart smack I gave him. Once I deposited Chi in the house, I went around to the other side of the porch to check on Blondie, whose absence spoke volumes about how afraid my dogs were of this wandering pitbull, who wagged his tail as he followed me.  
Blondie preferred to stay where she was. The boys and Chi were safely tucked in the house, so I left the pitbull standing on my carport when I went to the gym, and prayed he would leave before I came home.
This handsome animal I’ve seen tied up in a yard not too far from here; frankly, I’m glad he had a good morning escape even if my dogs aren’t.

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