Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Animal Advocate Group Organizes

A new dog group in Puerto Rico rises in the shade of stately trees in el parque Luis Munoz Marin, which by the way is a wonderful park. A circle of about twenty passionate animal lovers discussed the problems of dogs suffering in the streets and what they do to help.
The organizers have various rescue affiliations, but the majority are members of OICA, which is a group of Animal Cruelty Investigators. To a one, I thought they were lovely ladies. Gracias!!
Being one of the foreigners interested in solving the problem of dogs on the island, may I congratulate you on your high level of commitment; the Puerto Rican people mobilize against a huge problem.
Please, forgive my lack of Spanish; my senior tongue gets tied. I’ve been documenting the Puerto Rican island dogs since 2006. This is now my home; I am involved.
The speakers fervently spoke of working on a solution. I love that can do spirit. If you’re going to do it, you’ll need to do it right with a mission statement, organizational plan and a whole bunch more, so you need a lawyer ombudsman. At the meeting I didn’t get if you have a lawyer in the group or not; sorry.
Puerto Rico has many abogados sympathetic to the cause of dogs. For your board of directors reach into the community for successful business people, bankers and clergy; who do you know from the tourism industry? These supporters should be the ones to get the coveted 501C for a non profit and provide business and legal insights.
I wish you all the greatest luck, especially with getting a secretary to transcribe minutes; good minutes are so valuable.
Good hearts rising on the island; many hands share the burden.
God bless.

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