Monday, July 8, 2013

Look at Lucky

Look at Lucky rolling around on his back in the grass, just showing his balls to God. That’s right, Old Girl, God gave them to me and will be proud to see how they’re growing. Why, I lifted my leg when I peed this morning. God will be delighted with my early progress. Lucky gave the toothy grin he impresses Blondie and Chi-Ping with when they hassle him. Chi barked from the porch. You’re not fooling anyone with a submissive smile. Lucky slithered side to side like a snake, and then suddenly thrust his hips in the air. Soon, I’ll be putting this equipment to use.
Chi-Ping’s eyes bulged. You’re not but a minute old. Do you think the grownup machos are going to let you at any lady? I’m a pi-bull, Chi-Pi old girl. Lucky sat erect, arched his neck displaying an already strong male profile. You bad little puppy, Chi-Ping barely barked out, as she play bowed to him.  Not so little any more, I’m bigger than you. Chi-Ping barked threats. Cute or not, I’ll put some holes in you.
Blondie and I are the house dogs, we rule. Not the way I see it, Lucky proclaimed. You and Blondie spent all day at the neighbor’s house or in the street. Robert Redford and I go in the house, during the day, when you’re gone. We get treats and gravy on our kibble. Yesterday I slept in the bedroom while mom worked on the computer for three hours. I didn't have an accident in the house, the way some do. Go ahead Chi-Pi get in my face, growl, show your teeth; it’s only a matter of time until mom likes us best.

I hate smart-alecky puppies. Chi-Ping grrred. 

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