Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meet Lola by Chi-Ping

Look, Lola’s eyes don’t have a yucky discharge today. They’re clear, not sicky looking. She sniffed me just as I came out the door this morning. Her nose has been grey, dry and cracked, but today it’s black, cold and moist. As mom would say, “Saints be praised.” Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it. Why she would praise a football team when good stuff happens I’ll never know, but she does all the time. Frankly, you humans are a mystifying lot.
I hot foot it down to Geri’s to see what’s happening/ que pasa, but then mom was playing good morning with Lucky, Robert Redford and Lola, while the coffee brewed. Hold on I’m coming to join the game. You can’t play good morning without me. With the game already in progress I raced around the porch with my butt tucked well under me to cut corners. Mom loves it when I do that. I’m the center of attention with mom yelling woo-hoo,woo-woo. The critters in awe of my speed looked on, while my tail curved like a c to the left as I skittered the corner with toe nails grabbing, and then that stupid Robert Redford pounced on me. I flipped that impudent red dog on his back so fast, as I grabbed his throat mom told me to go easy, be a good girl. She just doesn't understand that I must teach him respect now, while I can. This mutt is going to be three times my size or more, easy my well rounded behind.
     Blondie went straight to the street, when the door opened. She lived here as a street dog for so many years sometimes she doesn't remember where she lives. We love the neighbors. They've been good to us. This is the face of trap, neuter and release whether mom likes it or not, this is what we’re going to do.
After a light breakfast I joined Blondie for a trek up the road. People are staying in the house where the old farmer lived. Sometimes they bring a pit bull male, we must check out all activity close to home. The yellow lab we chased off a couple of weeks ago is still hanging out near the vacant house where the little girl Eileen used to live before her mother got cancer. The satos on the peak raised hell last night so we took the long road to visit Blondie’s cousins.
Thirst drove me home. Ours is the only place with a fresh bowl of water waiting all day long. My tongue was hanging way out when we get to the bend in the road above where we live, but not a puddle in sight. Blondie dawdled sniffing some darn thing. Intruder alert, the barking comes from the house; I’m coming slowly, carrying my head low to take some weight off my tired butt. I didn’t see Lola and Lucky crouched, stalking me from the top of the drive until Lucky barked a threat. Being a resident I told them how not funny I found this behavior, but they maintained the crouch, so I stopped to assess the situation, when Blondie came along side me, then Lola and Lucky dropped low and gave us the little tail wags of one who has done wrong and is sorry.  We paused briefly to accept the apology before getting a drink.
Neither Blondie nor I could get over Lola and Lucky giving us a threat display. We decided to spend the day on the porch with mom and dad.

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