Monday, June 3, 2013

Puppies in the Street by Chi-Ping

Perritos de calle/street puppies, start bringing them into your home and the next thing you know, disease. She doesn't listen. That woman took in a little mangy black pup, and the very next day here she is dragging a red flea infested fur ball up the driveway in a towel. In a towel only means one thing; it’s coming in the house and getting fed.  
The first thing Blondie and I did was try to scare them to death, so they’d leave, but then I think Blondie was trying to kill the big red one because she’s pissed off, spitting through her teeth, snapping at it. When mom told her to knock it off, Blondie low tail wagged over to mom knowing she’s going to be pet. All the lip licking lies; I won’t do it again, sorry. Mom accepted it and gave Blondie a thump. Blondie isn't as dumb as she looks.
On my worse day I was never as skinny as this black puppy with some sort of mange we now call, “Lucky.” All ready he’s wagging his tail, thinking he’s going to buddy up with me; I’m not your buddy, you bony  big headed mangy mutt. Lucky with sick looking with some kind of white spots on his face and he belly drags his tummy on the rough concrete driveway, that boy’s got jock itch all over.
The fur ball has a name, Robert Redford, they coo over him like he’s something special. Mom said he’s handsome with a lovely head and expression. Have you ever heard such drool? Dad said he was a cutie. That’s what he said about me! I’m the cutie; not him! Wait til’ she figures out her handsome Robert Redford has fleas. He’ll be out of here so fast, as fast as you can say, “Road trip.”    
This morning as I ate my breakfast Robert Redford sat looking in the screen door. He kept staring at my food, so I ran to the door growled really fierce as I hit the door with my nose. He jumped so high even mom laughed before she tried to sound firm, while my mouth panted open happy face Robert Redford scurried across the porch with his tail low.   

Blondie and I want to know how to get people to stop dropping off dogs by our house. This isn't a dog problem; it’s a people problem. What’s wrong with you? Do you think it’s okay to push a scarred friend out your car door with good luck, God bless, and keep the collar?  

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