Saturday, June 8, 2013

People, Love or Hate by Chi-Ping

Everybody goes out to potty; mom feeds the kibble starting with the cat. Smoki meows on about everything until he gets his. The puppies eat a special food on the porch and the grown up dogs eat in the house while mom makes eggs. She and poppy breakfast on the porch with puppies hanging under the chairs waiting like good dogs for something to drop.
When the dishes are collected, I slip in the door for special time with mom as she wipes the dishes and pans of leftovers, and the olive oil she says is good for my coat. Quality spent with mom as I lick up leftovers is my favorite ritual. She sets my bowl down next to the counter, instantly I am zoned out in licktopia, oh it’s so good. She shoos a fly towards the door, but it comes back to the counter for more, and bam! My legs won’t hold me as I skitter across the floor fleeing attack.   My heart is beating a mile a minute, and all she can say is “sorry.” Sorry doesn’t cut it; you need to be pulling some cheese out of the fridge after that. You scared a dog year off my life; what were you thinking?  My tail’s wagging low, maybe a little cheddar will pick it up a bit. Hell, I’m going back outside. Blondie has yellow lab cornered by the garage. He’s bigger than she is, but he’s weak and hungry. This is our turf, so she shags him with authority. My tail cuts through the air like a shark fin as I hurtle down the driveway barking threats. He’s in for it now.
We don’t need a big male dog stepping first in line for food or treats, or anything else. Some days we’ve gone hungry, you don’t forget that. Sharing with Lucky and Robert Redford isn’t too bad so far, but no more.
Hey, Puerto Rican People, stop throwing your dogs out. You’re messing up lives. What’s the matter with you? You bring us into your families and then toss us out “no importa.” Today you love us like there’s no tomorrow, and tomorrow we’re forgotten.  I thought my familia was better than that.

Remember, feed a Sato, starve a rat. It’s an island rule. Most people are good and kind, but the ones that aren’t just don’t get it. They need to know that other humans do NOT approve of abandoning animals. Don’t call for more laws, take action, photograph cruelty and post it on Facebook. Tell these mean, unfeeling humans that you stand by the animals, that good people do care! Gracias, Chi-Ping

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