Saturday, June 22, 2013

Enough by Chi-Ping

After a night outside with street dogs I spent the day under your bed. Running the streets from morning to night is my greatest delight, but Mom, don’t leave me out at night. I don’t care what I said. It’s not right for a little girl like me. I want nothing more than to be close to you.

Lucky, Robert Redford, and now big bitch, Lola; look what you’re doing to me. I had it all to myself except of course for Blondie and Sir Smoki Cat, who thinks he’s got it so bad. Mom, everything you feed is going to want to stay; don’t you see?

We’re not ferals, we’re discards thrown down by people who don’t know the meaning of love. “Remember me by the collar you wear, now on your way,” nothing more to say. I remember it well; to be dropped off at your door was a gift from above.  Self centered people without a heart, that’s all I had seen from the start. I didn’t believe in your love. Every day in your gentle way you give me food, water and care.
I don’t want to share you with Lucky, Robert Redford or Lola. We want a home where we’re the center of attention not just one of the crowd.  Who is next? We know; when down the driveway you go with towel in hand our numbers grow. I get so mad.
Last night when you called me, I knew you watched me walk into the street. Did you not understand my protest? Let’s leave this place where they just keep coming. I love you so much; I don’t want to share you. A family of eight for me that’s not great, but here they keep coming. Mom, I want to go where people walk with leashes, the living is easy. It’s not so boring. Can’t you hear the Crescent City calling?
A place where the dogs sleep in and the cats are out, we need to go come on get ready. Puerto Rico won’t change just like all these dogs coming with mange. I want a space on the bed, not watching a sea of faces looking to take my spot. Port of New Orleans is calling; let’s go.
The beauty of Puerto Rico enchants, but cruelty abounds. Waves crashing, ocean sounds don’t compensate for daily doses of cruelty. Island lovers want to go taking their contributions to the economy, while your ad campaign says, “Puerto Rico does it better.” Satos will tell you, “Not,” but would that it were so.

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