Thursday, June 27, 2013

Once a Street Dog by Chi-Ping

No new dogs dropped off here for about a week. Blondie won’t relax her vigilance. She’s down in the street all day, every day prepared to let people know we don’t want any more discarded dogs here. She lies in the street. Mom calls her, but she doesn't even look.
Lola and the puppies, Lucky and Robert Redford have taken over our porch. The silly things play with toys. Every step we take we’re bumping into things that rattle or squeak. Blondie and I don’t like the puppies, but Blondie hates Lola, who is larger. Blondie lived here as a street dog for five years, so she’s ready to do it again, if mom wants to keep all these satos.

Yesterday she refused to come up to the house in the rain. I've never seen Blondie this way before. She isn't too good at sharing I know, but to walk away from a loving home is drastic even for that loca hembra.(female)
Poppy called to her at dinner time. She looked up but didn't budge. The neighbors are so charmed that she stays down by them, they fed her leftovers. Shit, I came running down for that. Mom has asked them not to feed us. She says it encourages us to be in the street. Yes, it does. I don’t know why, but it bothers her. She says they don’t want us. Well, I’m confused; why do they feed us?
Mom played games with the new dogs. She kicked the toys around so they’d chase them, pretty lame. She taught them to sit for treats. I like that game, so I came up to play. I know when she’s laughing something good happens, but Blondie just blew it off. Her behavior is strange because I know how much she loves mom.

After the sun set mom picked up and swept the porch like she does every evening. She walked around the house to get the boys to potty before they go into the bathroom for the night. That’s a good idea; I've been doing my business before I go in. We don’t have problems with each other that way. The whole time Blondie stayed in the street by the neighbor’s house. I went in with the boys, who head to their room. Just when mom went to close the front door, there was Blondie standing there waiting to come in. I know mom’s been upset with Blondie, so I stood on the sofa waiting to see if she would let her in or not. Blondie doesn’t like to be out at night any more than I do. Mom opened the door for her, but said nothing. That’s unusual for mom, she talks a lot. Blondie jumped on the sofa. As for me, I’m off to bed with my mom.

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