Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Upset About Puppies Thrown in the Road by Chi-Ping

What’s the matter with Blondie? Doesn’t that big yellow bitch know we’re supposed to be on guard? They could come from any direction; we must be alert. I run up and down this driveway with my tail high, so the world will know Chi-Ping is on duty, while Blondie lays on the porch under mom’s chair, yeah, I called her mom. The puppies have her distracted, always doing something bad.
Earlier Blondie was all full of canine in charge attitude, when we chased mongoose out of our territory. The second those smelly creatures slithered through the palm trees on the top of the hill we ran to meet them before they got to the banana tree grove. Make no mistake, we don’t want to catch them, it’s not worth the fight, but we want them out of smelling distance, plus it’s always fun to herd mongoose. Stormy taught me how; he was a Border Collie Sato, who taught the ropes of being an island dog to all the dogs that were dumped on the hill. Blondie and I think of him sometimes when we’re out chasing or catching.
As we headed back to the house, the white pickup truck that killed Stormy came barreling down the road. Blondie still charged from the chase, charged after this enemy. Blondie went so fast that she got in front of the truck nipping at the tires. Blondie, that’s how they get you, but she doesn’t care. She hates the truck that killed Stormy. With all the running, we’re hungry.
Mom has the puppies in the yard doing the two p’s, pooping and peeing. I wish I’d learned that was I was a pup. It’s so hard to remember. As soon as mom sees us, she smiles. We got right in for the breakfast of two important protector dogs.
I haven’t forgotten to finish telling you about my time in New Orleans. It’s just that with these puppies getting my food I’ve been upset, so I’m guarding the road in case any more critters try to find their way to my door.

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