Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Tongue hanging out, slobbering, scarred out of his mind, a black pit bull tried to get small in the corner of a two foot patch of grass just off the road in front of my neighbor’s house. It hadn’t been there twenty minutes ago, when we went in the house to make breakfast. The “pittie” had the freshly dropped off what the hell just happened look.
My first concern was that perhaps it had been hit. I’m pretty sure that Kirt and I would have heard a dog get hit at the bottom of our driveway, but to make sure I went down with a bowl of water. The dog stood up, turned around to change position. Movement looked fine, so I delivered the water to the shade on my side of the road, while saying what a good dog we had here in my sweet tone. Directly across the road from the dog I splashed the water with my fingers. The dog moved it’s head like it was trying to focus to the sound. This creature could be blind, but I think it is just scarred, so I put the water a few feet in front in a little shade. Non comprehending blood shot eyes searched for a way to climb the wall. I quickly retreated.
Friday, when we came home from the hospital in San Juan where Kirt spent the last two months, a cute little wire hair Chihuahua acted like the resident street dog barking and running around the house with her tail tucked. This drop off tried to claim a spot here. Blondie and Chi-Ping were still at Adri’s, so I began making friends with the toy dog that hadn’t been here two weeks ago, when I last came home.
Saturday Blondie and Chi burst out of Adri’s van with glee. Woof-woof, we’re home. There went the Chihuahua down the drive with resident bitches in hot pursuit. Blondie allowed the interloper to hide in the garage at the end of the driveway and galloped up to inspect her house. Our neighbor put the small dog in my cat’s crate for Adri to transport to her shelter, Amigos de Los Animales.
Sara, the adorable beige and white wire Chihuahua will have a health exam, vaccinations and required treatment compliments of Amigos. The lucky girl met Adri Galler, rescuer extraordinaire. Adri’s eyes sparkle when she sees an adoptable dog, as she seems to envision the wonderful life she’ll be able to facilitate for a charismatic creature. Last week Adri rescued a smooth coat Chihuahua of similar color she named Suniva, who will enjoy playing with Sara. They’ll look so cute playing together. J
Thanks, Adri, for taking the cutie. Now, let me check out the new arrival.  

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