Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cruelty Event Counseling?

Hello Puerto Rico,
In the news yesterday was the story of a school principal, who set an example of cruelty for her students. As I read the story my mind pictured the movie of the event.
 Glen Close, Cruela De Ville, as a grammar school principal tearing through a crowd of little children playing with a darling off white puppy. Cruela dowses the puppy with bleach in hopes of whitening the coat before skinning the puppy; splashed with bleach spray, the children jump back. The bleach fails to whiten the scared puppy’s coat. An angry Cruela beats the pitiful puppy with a school broom into a field where she leaves it to die. Cruela charges back to the school entry where children huddle with eyes glaring threat and challenge. “Dogs carry disease,” she growls as she closes the door to her office to be alone with the puppies in cages she only sees as coats. Don’t you just hate her? I mean Cruela.
It must be a dark comedy; what school principal would really douse a dog with bleach… and then, beat it with a broom?
A person, who could teach aggression against another living creature for just being there alive, must have what we in the Catholic Religion called intrinsic ignorance. I mean this woman flat ass did not have a clue she was doing wrong. That scares me for the future. This lesson must be untaught; don’t you think?
Like trauma counseling social workers and/or animal activists should go to the school. Bring some dogs or puppies to teach these kids that their first instincts were right. That animals are our cousins, our family of God’s creation to be treated as something made by God and therefore… Okay, I’m getting on a roll. You get the picture.
Give this woman an opportunity to grow a soul. If she confronts her behavior, she may learn empathy. Didn’t know, didn’t care, yes, but is she a Cruela De Ville?
Who will advocate for these children who need to tell how they feel? Who will assure them that they are right, this is not the way you treat animals?
When you want something done, ask a busy woman. Michelle Cintron, as President of FEPA, the organizer of animal activists/advocates, I am asking you to form a committee to approach the principal to advocate for the children and the animals.
Does anybody think this is a good idea or am I whistling Dixie?

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