Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life's A Bitch by Chi-Ping

For those who don’t know or remember my story; I’m a small, savvy “Sata” in black and tan, my name is Chi-Ping.
After a long time of living in a bedroom pooping and peeing on paper, I went for a ride in my person’s SUV. Previous rides ended with a visit to the vet’s office, so I’m not too crazy about rides, but ecstatic enough to get out of that room and have some one-on-one time with my human; what’s a little stress? We’re riding in the country. It’s all good.
Next thing I know I’m on the side of a road watching the SUV go around the curve out of my sight with the only human ever to take care of me inside. Where --- hell was I? You can’t just leave a little dog like me out on the road like this! Who did this? Don’t you know how scared I am?

Time passed. I got to know the lady who lives in the house where I was dumped. She said things like, “Bendito,” which sounded sweet. I loved her immediately. Not being too overjoyed at living outside, I smiled and wagged my tail at her, please let me in. Certain that this was my forever human I waited patiently at her door, or gate, whichever I found myself on the opposite side of, until one day I was in the house. In the house dog, that’s me!
Tricia, the American Lady in the white and blue house up the driveway, took me for a ride to be “fixed.” I was sick as a dog, an expression, which comes from being fixed; I tell you! She put me in the arms of my forever human, who said, “Gracias a Dio,” smiled, and then carried me into the house. Oh, happy day! Sick as a dog, but I was an in the house dog.”
I followed her from room-to-room. I jumped in the bed wondering what it would be like to smell her, touching my nose to her skin, but she scolded me to get off her bed. Okay, I get it; my folded ears said, “Sorry.”  
 Soon I couldn’t bear to leave her side, but the kitchen definitely became my favorite room. It was then my most horrible experience of all stunned me terribly, when my forever love chased me outside with anger flashing in her eyes.
What the, hey, you’re the one who was supposed to lay down papers. Humans have three things to do: clean food and water and papers. Sound alarm, protection, clean up of all food on the floor are but the beginning of chores handled by Satos. And where would you be, if I don’t keep those mangy mutts moving down the road?  What about your rat problem; don’t you see what I do for you? How was I to know you wanted me to pee and poop outside? I do it on papers; what's wrong with you?
On the road again, but this time I like the Satos, Stormy, may he rest in peace, taught me the ropes. Big pushy Blondie started talking to me. We’re buddies now. Take it from me, when you’re on the street you want the big girl on your side. Smile. Who needs a human to love? I've yet to meet one I could trust. I wag my tail and I get by without getting too close. Blondie and I sleep on Tricia’s porch these nights. Everybody here feeds us, but she gives us water, too. Nobody bosses Chi-Ping, well, maybe Blondie. If my forever person would take me back, she could boss me.  I still wag my tail when I see her, just in case.
Time to go for a ride; I’ll finish my story tomorrow, Mothers’ Day.
Y'all have a good one, Chi-Ping. 

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