Sunday, May 29, 2016

Animal Control Puerto Rico

According to Bill 2950 the tourism industry is losing fifteen million a year because of the dog problem. The tourism industry must support vigorously endeavor to reduce the dog population by curtailing reproduction. To entertain a bill about animals in the middle of a financial crisis indicates that the time has come for change; animals will no longer be collected and killed.
This is so wonderful. Bravo to those who envisioned this bill!

How much money will be budgeted to support the enactment of the bill?
How much would it cost to sterilize all the dogs on the island?

According to the bill, if I read it correctly, there are 300,000 dogs on the island.
If sterilization or spay/neuter, if you prefer, will cost according to the bill $35- $50, let’s take the high end $50.
300,000 X $50 = $15,000,000

One year’s loss for tourism would neuter all; isn’t that interesting?!

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