Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Puerto Rico Opens Door to Volunteer US Vets

Hey guys, read this!

It’s part of proposed law 2950. If I read it correctly, it opens the door for volunteer veterinarians, at least from the states.
The terms sound similar to current laws, but I’m sure somebody will explain how it will work.
Sounds exciting!

3 (c) By this law, and the term thereof provides that
4 US licensed veterinarians can perform in Puerto
5 Rico vaccination clinics and sterilization high volume at low cost
6 and / or free, for which all they need is to work the clinic
7 conjunction with a veterinarian at a shelter or welfare organization
8 animal, and that the director (a) of this organization sends a communication
9 sworn with acknowledgment on such management to the Board of Examiners
10 Veterinarians of Puerto Rico, with at least sixty (60) days
11 advance. This communication must include all information
12 corresponding to the clinic and vet the credentials
13 United States experienced in clinical vaccination and sterilization
14 high volume, including your name, address, telephone number, state (s)
15 where he practices veterinary medicine and medical license number.
16 Furthermore, it should be anejar copy of (the) document (s) attesting
17 effectively is licensed veterinarian force. Board
18 Examiners may refuse the use of any medical
19 US veterinary previous actions and have proven
20 bad medical practice veterinary medicine. to the Board of Examiners is authorized
21 veterinarians to amend its rules so that the same
22 resulting in accordance with the provisions of this section.

Rescuers, there are two black puppies, maybe 7-8 weeks old in the bushes on the side of PR 453 about 13.5 km.
I and somebody else are feeding and watering.

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