Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good Morning by Chi-Ping

Early morning, when the cocks crow, get out of bed sleepy head, the sun invades the dark turning it to grey; that’s my favorite time of day. Wild scents linger on the dew. The island air, freshest before cars rumble down the road, breathes cool, as I hear the whack and thump of fruit ripened overnight falling to the ground.
Well rested from a night in dreamland, on the bed snuggled back to back with my mom; I rolled on my back, while kicking my legs, and then hopped up for a good stretch. With my rear end high up on tippy toes, my front legs fold under me lowering my chest to the bed to crack every arthritic bone in my back, aah. You have no idea how great that feels; it’s time for good morning!
I love good morning, but mom hasn't played it with us since dad died. Last night dad told me to lick mom’s face, run around the bed and do it again. I told him I knew darn good and well that mom does NOT like to be licked in the face; what was he up to? He winked at me when he said just do it. Dad’s fun is always better than mom’s seriousness.
Mom pets me as I put my head on her shoulder. This is pretty nice, my hips feel better when she rubs them. No, dad said. Lick, lick, lick; I got her right in the mouth, ha-ha, before she could push me away, I raced around the bed as fast as possible. At the foot of the bed I turned to face her, then she put her hands straight up over her head and said, “Arrgh!”
Okay, she asked for it, this is war. I ran straight for her face. She looked surprised. Before her hands could cover her face, I licked it! I licked it! This called for a couple of fast victory laps. The second leap over mom didn’t go off as planned; she grabbed me, pinned my rear between her legs and tickled me until I squealed with glee.

Oh, I’ve got to pee; it’s time to go out now. Later, people, Chi

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