Monday, September 16, 2013

This Dog Is Stressed by Chi-Ping

The pressure is more than a little dog can take. On a normal day care must be taken, so none of the newcomers get in my spots. Do I need to tell you how aggravating it is to see Lucky curled up on my favorite pillow? Or the sinking feeling you get when you toddle towards the food dish only to see the big bitch, Lola, finishing the last kibbles, when I feel like a knash.
Both in heaven, Kirt & Stormy

Nothing normal since poppy died. For days we all laid around depressed, listening to mom cry. Blondie and I took our positions around her on the bed. Pop always told us to take care of mom, now I know why. Even in his wheelchair he was the man in charge, but don’t get me wrong he was the gentlest loving man I ever met in my life….by far. We were so sad, but dogs don’t cry the way you humans do. We held the pain in our hearts and slept.
Robert Redford got guardy. If a gecko rustled the plant leaves, he was all: ruff, ruff. He ran around the house in search of something to attack. The boy killed a rat and two frogs in three days. “Red,” the bad assed golden retriever puppy, challenged Geri, when he came up to do something on the porch. Grrr, ruff-ruff with hackles momma’s pretty boy seriously thought he’d prevent this man from coming on our porch. The boy’s young, he doesn’t know men very well, yet.
Auntie Adri came before too long, yes, I call her auntie; my family has grown, to take us to Amigos de Los Animales in Pinones, which is all the way across the island by car. I love Auntie Adri; she sings and she pets good. Mom smiled for the first time, when Auntie Adri said something. Mom smiled that’s a good thing. Thank you, Auntie; I didn’t know how I would ever get my loving mom to smile again.

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