Tuesday, September 24, 2013

That's Family by Chi-Ping

Hi Folks,
So much is happening on Sato Hill; we’re becoming a family, Blondie, Lucky, Robert Redford, mom, and me. Oh, I’d better not forget Smoki, the not so horrible cat. Did you think we were a family before?
In the traditional human sense of the word you could say we were, but they were the couple in love and we were their pets/mascotas. Their love bond shined bright, strong, multifaceted like a big diamond. They stuck out their hands to touch us, to share their love. We gave them golden love in return. After being bounced around and abused, we were star struck by the kind people.
Since Poppy passed, mom needs us, and the love energy is beginning to spread around us; we’re like a gold and diamond necklace. Four legged beings have a skill set, humans don’t understand; granted some of us are better at it than others, just like people, but none the less we feel things and visualize in pictures rather than words like you. Anyway, dad’s in the spirit realm where we can see him.
Mom just looked at Blondie and shook her head, when she saw Blondie sitting in the corner in the bedroom staring at the wall. Mom looked to see if she was after a bug or lizard, but nothing. Mom didn't know Blondie and dad were having a conversation. He talks to us.

We’re supposed to take care of mom and not to forget to watch out for Smoki; yeah, we know. At night dad likes to snuggle with mom, so I sleep at the bend of her knee, Blondie lies in full contact with her butt and back, Smoki has his head on her shoulder and his butt on her boob; we allow dad’s spirit energy to enter, so we can spend the night together. Mom may cry during the day, but she’s happy at night, now that’s family. Am I right?

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