Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canine Saves The Day

Our relationship with dogs never fails to delight and fascinate, but today was special. Anybody who saw the news was treated to the sight of a German Shepard leading the police car down a long winding country road to a blazing building.
Dogs alert us to impending siezures and pull people from burning buildings.
I remember being impressed by a dog that got hit by a car in front of his house going to the vets office without human assistance. His people called the vet to tell him that the dog was hit and they were bringing him in as soon as they found him. Imagine their surprise when the vet said that the dog was there already.
Today the man trapped in the building told his dog to get help. The dog ran down a long country road to find a squad car, which he then lead back to the house. Lassie would be proud.
It amused me to hear one of the tv experts trying to explain how a dog could do this and what experiences with police cars it must have had in its back ground.
You can't train for this. It's like common sense either ya have it or not. How exciting it is to know that a dog will go find officer friendly in his squad car.
Frankly, it is even more impressive that the officer followed the dog. 
Hey, Pablo don't be teaching Chichi to lead squads home just in case!


  1. Dogs are amazing animals! We're lucky to have them in our lives!