Monday, April 5, 2010

One Golden's Easter

Easter is to me the ultimate of second chance holidays.
Mike & Marc did a great job of taking care of the dogs in the kennel, so we took off with Shaker to Chicago for lunch with our adopted family. 
The warmth of smiles and hugs sooth my tattered spirit. Teresa greets us at the car. She can't get over how much Shaker has grown since she last saw him in the fall.
When you show up for holiday dinner with a Gloden Retriever, you learn so much about your host. My darling, Teresa grabbed the leash. Shaker trotted off with her without even looking back.
After locking the car I load up with all the crap I feel compelled to haul around. The logical place to look for the dog after a two hour ride is the back yard. Where is the Shaker? He should be pottying. He is in the house greeting our host, Shirley. This dog is just coming into his hormones, so leg lifting has begun. Do you sense fear here?
I had a plan for taking care of my dog. This was not it. My greeting the group was greatly over shadowed by the handsome pooch. Since I grew up in a non touching house all this hugging feels wierd, but I love it. Shaker taking the spotlight is fine.

Moxie, the fine female black lab from next door comes over with Ron, who is ever so proud of her. With a "rraurgh" that ends ends her canines on his muzzle Moxie lets Shaker know what she thinks. Ron corrects her with a tug on the leash, so I ask him to allow her because I see that Shaker is has not changed his cock of the walk posture. Her encore ends with the same canine on the nose. Shaker is now chasten; the ignoring can begin.
While we dined on Teresa's sumptuous feast, Shaker spent the afternoon at Moxie's house. He helped himself to her treats, toys and learned how to use a doggie door.
It was a beautiful day. It nourished my spirit, I have been blessed.

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  1. Those darn goldens are so good at stealing the spot light. Glad you enjoyed the holiday, it sounds like Shaker did too. So glad to know Shaker is in such a great place!