Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tail Pulls

Melissa said...

Ok, so I did some "simple" tail pulls last night. Interesting results. Nilla immediatly leaned and stretched. When I stopped she turned around like "hey!". She came back and turned around in front of me and waited. Stoney had just about the same response, not a pushy about the repeat. Chilly, really got into it but didn't offer her back end for the repeat. Hemi, wasn't so sure if she liked it or not. While I was holding a Hemi tail the other three were waiting in line for their next turn. I did my homework! Where is everyone else? Jen?

Thank you for the feedback, Mel. When I started doing tail pulls, it was to help puppies feel a connectedness with their tail. The goal was to decrease tail chasing.
For years I have done the theraputic tail work, which is different.
During the years I did the day care here at Carrvilla, at the end of the day when the dogs were tired out I'd do a little soft tissue for them. I can't stand to see an uncomfortable dog, so sometimes I still make them feel better. The dogs that know me line up.
After my last surgery, when my doctor told me not to handle dogs, I started doing tail pulls to loosen backs. It was a little thing I could still do that the dogs love. It's quick; it's easy. My experience is that dogs love it.
I've pulled a lot of tails. The Puerto Rican island dogs let me pull their tails. I've gotten strange looks. Some dogs have gently put their teeth on my hand indicating that they are not sure about what I'm doing. Eventually even those are back for more.
Since I am a trained soft tissue therapist, I believed that my educated hands had the right touch. It was something special.
That delusion went out the window the day I was teaching Paula, our day care director about touch stoning her dogs. I showed her how to do the tail pull as a part of that process. Within minutes the dogs were lining up for her the way they do for me.
It's not rocket science, but you do have to do it right or they will not like it.
Melissa, I was working on a different topic when your comment came. If no one is interested in tail pulls, I'll email you privately and we'll move along.
If you are interested, please, tell me what you first tail pull was like!

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  1. Sorry. I'm a little slow with the homework. I will admit that I wasn't quite sure how to do it, so Melissa showed me the other night. I tried it on Kali, my BC. At first she would turn and try to bring her head to me. About the third time I have didit she stood for a bit and then just wanted to sit down. Tonight she's pretty tired out from agility class, so she just stood there, turned to look at me and then laid down.