Friday, April 2, 2010

The Gift of Dogs

Birds chirping a morning  greeting is a familiar start to our day. Just as the first rays of light hit the sky the birds go into good morning song.
This gives me comfort no matter where I am.
It is Good Friday morning. We have been back in Illinois for a week. Our kennel is full with beautiful dogs. Shaker, our golden friend pads quietly into our room wagging his tail making soft little woowf, woowf sounds. He loves to go out at first light of day. 
I have been so caught up in the drama of the lives of the Puerto Rican island dogs that I forgot how much I just love dogs. 
A lovely yellow lab girl with a pink collar plays with a black lab boy and a boxer. She runs a merry ring around her companions. A large black & white springer is quick to show her how the game should be played. A golden male sits by the fence looking at the door. He wants nothing to do with with all this running and chasing.  I wonder if he thinks he'll get into trouble or if he just doesn't get out with his own kind often enough.
Carrvilla isn't a yuppy puppy kind of place. We're more the take your dog to camp kind of place. The yards are large with trees and bushes. Not that a dog ever wants to take a vacation from their human; they don't. But when they come here, I want them to have a chance to reconnect with nature and their own kind.
When people drop their dogs off, I see dogs so sad that they have been left. Some bark or just stare at the the road. Soon they begin to look around and sniff. Once they begin interacting with the other dogs, I know they'll have a good time here.
Some dogs are haven't spent much time with other dogs. Those dogs just want to hang around with our staff. They usually love to play with toys and be with people. One elderly terrier looked unhappy outside, so I brought her into the office to hang  around. She looked so pleased to be under the desk next to my feet.
We are so blessed to have a creature that wants to be with us as much as dogs do. Thank you, God, for that gift. Happy Easter everybody!!

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