Saturday, October 16, 2010



To me dogs are some of the most interesting beings around. I started this blog to share my experiences and my love of dogs.

When I realized that people were indeed reading what I had to say, I joined a writer’s group to improve my writing. It’s been brutal. My confidence tanked, which is why there have been no new posts to my blog since July. The criticisms of my work were taken to heart. I made changes based on group input. This resulted in further criticism. Some members of the group have been supportive, but I’ve had a lifelong battle for self esteem.

In spite of all my successes in dogs, all my clients who praise my help with their dogs; my doubts became generalized to even my abilities with dogs. It felt like a curse.

People kept coming to me for help with their dog’s behavior problems. I continued to solve their problems. It reminded me that our relationship with the dogs is what is important. Stronger than my fear of rejection and disapproval is my desire to share what I think are neat stories about dogs.

My heart reaches out to dog lovers of the planet. We share a journey with these special creatures. Thanks for reading. Your comments are always welcome. Blessings,

Tricia Carr

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  1. Just would like to share an inspiring blog I recently read. I struggle with self-esteem as well to the point that often I am unlikely to chime in due to the fear of being wrong...