Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snow in The Grass

For days Snow White hid in the tall grass at the edge of the yard. During the night we’d hear Snow screaming in pain when she ventured too close for Blondie’s comfort.

Snow wandered the neighborhood looking for a spot to live. While people are good about feeding the satos (street dogs), they tend to chase the females off unless there is something about the her they like. It is definitely more difficult for the girls.

Resources are scarce, so resident street dogs protect their spots for interlopers. Blondie lead the charge to chase Snow away. Her daughter, Bonita, has had her own problems. She follows her mom backing her up.

Stormy, the resident male would gladly welcome the slender female with delicate features. Wherever Snow White goes a bigger stronger male is sure to follow. Stormy’s number one priority is keeping his spot, so he has his paws full.

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