Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Lesson from the Golden

When the dog doesn’t come to the house when called, you don’t panic. You go outside to see where the dog is. When you circle your yard and no dog, you start to panic.

OMG, I circled our ten acres calling his name, “Shaker”. Panic was beginning to set in, more incredulity. Carrvilla is setup like a fortress. We have double fences. This isn’t a dog who wants to get out of here. He’s usually waiting at the door.

I trotted along the fence line adjacent to the forest preserve. The fence looks fine. This dog would run up to me if he were outside. By now I’m having a serious conversation with God.

Kirt, my husband got the car out. Oh, no, that meant he hadn’t found him either. My panic hit a whole new level. Shaker is so soft with human being; everybody falls in love with him. He is my golden boy. If he were human I’d probably spoil the heck of him. Spoiled or well loved, there's a thin line.My stomach was beginning to churn.

Next on my list was to call the police. This dog never wants to be far from us. The gates were closed; nothing was amiss. Where's the dog?

Before I got back from my romp around the perimeter Kirt went back to the yard for another look. From the corner behind a storage shed, not five from where we had called, “Shaker” was a huge brush pile. Kirt heard the rustling of tell-tale dog steps in the leaves.

The little blonde boy got stuck in the brush pile. He didn’t bark. He didn’t cry. He just waited to be found.

My golden reminded me how important those we love are. Enjoy the day.


  1. Oh my! I am trying to figure how a golden gets stuck in a brush pile...

    He looks so much like his mother! Wow. The boys look good together.

  2. I think he followed that rott lass in there. She led him into trouble.
    He said it was all her fault. :)

  3. Just like a girl... lead the boy to trouble... and leave him.