Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's a Girl Got To Do To Be Welcome Here?

Snow White’s winning ways were on trial in this photo.

Blondie, Stormy and Bonita had just finished breakfast. Snow was in her spot in the tall grass.

It drove me nuts that I hadn’t been able to feed Snow. Blondie called the shots with whether she got close to the house or not.

Small piles of kibble placed on the veranda caused Stormy, Blondie and Bonita to race around trying to gobble the food up. Too much food, too many places a dog’s dilemma they ran from pile to pile. Then I put piles outside the rails of the veranda on the sidewalk. They didn’t know what to do to guard their food. They looked at each other like, “What do we do?”

Then Snow White stepped out of the tall grass and stood there. What makes this pose so winsome?

Look at her tail. She is excited; there’s food just yards in front of her. Her tail is down, but not tucked. The tail position is one of total respect or submission. She wants to be allowed to eat.

Her head is held high. I think it looks hopeful, but that’s my human interpretation. Her ears are not focused forward, they off to the side in what I call “mousecateer” ears. The Mickey Mouse Club kids always wore the silly ears and big smiles. A dog’s friendly ears remind me of that.

Snow is giving a friendly face; look at her mouth and just how much tongue she lets show. This is a beautiful let’s be friends image.

Will this lovely lady’s winsome ways conquer Blondie’s me, mine agenda?

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  1. I love this picture! What I really love is that although everything in her expression is softened and non threatening she is still standing completely upright. She exudes confidence. (my opinion) Most dogs I see when in a situation like this would be shrinking in some way. She shows complete deferment to the other dogs with out wallowing. These ears are friendly but not fearful. No fear! Although she has been pinned and "punished" by Blondie so many times. I have met few dogs who have the ability to appease. It's sad how much our control over our canine companions has led to there lack of understanding and ability to speak their own language.