Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Discussion What's A Girl Got To Do


What's a Girl Got To Do To Be Welcome Here?

Melissa said...
I love this picture! What I really love is that although everything in her expression is softened and non threatening she is still standing completely upright. She exudes confidence. (my opinion) Most dogs I see when in a situation like this would be shrinking in some way. She shows complete deferment to the other dogs without wallowing. These ears are friendly but not fearful. No fear! Although she has been pinned and "punished" by Blondie so many times. I have met few dogs who have the ability to appease. It's sad how much our control over our canine companions has led to the lack of understanding and ability to speak their own language.

I agree, Snow White is so expressive. She embodies the art of submission.

I’m guessing that the girls in your house are exquisite at their language. We know so little about the capacity of another species to communicate, let alone how they actually do it.

The island dogs develop communication skills on a daily basis with a wide variety of other dogs. Unlike our dogs their primary relationships are with each other. Their communication is truly sophisticated.

Our dogs know how to appease us. When they try to appease other dogs, the bigger question is how that appeasement will be received by the other dog.

The trend seems to be to keep our dogs isolated with vets discouraging puppy parties and puppy kindergarten. Now, I’m reading that some trainers are discouraging about day care.

We understand that children of all species learn through play. Studies on human children confirm how skills are developed in play. We watch national geographic showing young horses learn by playing. Why don’t we understand how important it is for our dogs?

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