Sunday, November 21, 2010

Body Language Tells The Tail

Snow White may have won over Blondie with her sweet ways, but what does Bonita’s body language say to you?

Bonita has just finished the scattered kibble away from Blondie’s kibble pile behind her. Faithful, obedient Bonita has never been invited to dine like this interloping bitch. Do you see a not happy camper here?

What do you make of Blondie’s tail position relative to the way she holds it in other photos?

Doesn’t sweet Snow White look like she is enjoying her meal?

Let’s have some fun; anybody care to guess what happens next?


  1. I am thinking Bonita is going to make a move towards Snow. Probably while keeping her eyes on her mother. I am also thinking Blonde is not going to allow it.

  2. I think that Bonita is going to try and maybe push her luck with getting some kibble. To me she's thinking that "if Snow can have some, then I should too."