Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Gentle Spirit Wins One

Amazing, Blondie is watching Snow White eat HER food. The I, me, mine girl is sharing, yahoo.

Even in humans sharing is exceptional. This dog grew up with hunger and scarcity of resources and she invites another female to share her food. This hasn’t been easy for Blondie. Can you imagine a bully getting tired of kicking someone’s butt?

With a high pitched squeaky sound from Blondie, Snow White takes the two steps to the food and begins to eat.

I don’t think Blondie can believe she is sharing her food. You can see how Blondie is ready to stop the young female.

The gentle spirit of Snow White wins over the selfish brute Blondie. The only thing I did to intervene is to place the food so that it was difficult to run around defending. Snow didn’t sneak in to snatch a few mouthfuls like Lance or some of the other boys roaming the neighborhood.

Dogs in day care develop a give and take that isn’t always based on dominance. Good day care attendants redirecting dogs before conflict teaches them that other behavior options are available.

Multi dog homes are often lovely behavior models of give and take; sometimes not.

I am sure that if Snow were to hurry gobbling Blondie would end her meal.

Blondie turns to warn her daughter Bonita away from the next pile of kibble, as Snow munches contentedly. Mom’s generosity does not extend to far in Bonita’s direction. Bonita makes do with the scattered pieces a little further away. Blondie looks as if she were looking for an excuse to go ballistic.

In general some pet dogs share easily, some do not. Frequently we see the larger or tougher dog stand over a dog until food is relinquished. Most dogs wait for an opportunity to grab what they can.

Snow White staged a successful sit-in. She got her butt beat repeatedly, but came back. Her demeanor was always sweet and hopeful. That's pretty unusual no matter what group.

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  1. My border collie, Kali, has been my only dog for about 2 years. She is a big time resource guarder. It's her bone, her food, etc. This summer I proudly added a golden retriever pup, Rambler, to my family. It is amazing, how Kali has learned to share. She now lets Rambler chew on the other end of her bone while she is. He is allowed to lay next to her and chew on bones together.