Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's All Just Get Along

In this photo Blondie has her tail somewhat lowered. Her ears are off to the side in a friendly face.

Bonita waits to see what her mother will do next. She has a happy, wide tail wag. Her head is low in deference to Blondie.

Check out Stormy, he only has eyes for Snow White. His forward ears signal his interest in Snow White. He is over his toes in suave dude mode.

Lance hasn’t seen him yet.

This photo is one of appeasement. Storm’s ears are pinned back. He went totally weak in the rear in response to Lance.

Snow White shows more submission with the low head and tail carriage. Blondie is accepting Snow’s submission by lower her head and tail. Yes, that’s a lowered tail for Blondie.

Bonita stands there waiting. This is a big learning experience. Her mom is being nice to the interloper Snow White.

What makes this picture interesting is that Snow White’s leading man Lance has his eyes on Bonita. Snow White who? He’s not even concerned with Stormy. He’s checking out Bonita.

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