Sunday, November 7, 2010

Discussion Art of Submission

Melissa said...
Just the position of the dogs tells much. Bonita standing back, tail down but definitely interested in what might happen. Will she join Blondie if confrontation happens? or does she stand out of the way?

Bonita is learning how to protect territory and resources. She knows the puff up, jump up & down on the front legs tactic. I’ve seen her give stiff legs to visiting neighbor dogs and some people. I love watching her in learning mode. She is still young and na├»ve. It’s like watching a toddler explore the world. In this picture she is very excited, but controls herself, lest mommy dearest turns on her.

Stormy allows the bitches to block him from Lance. I could see a more confident male being more concerned with Lance's proximity to Snow than his own.

Stormy loves the ladies. He will prance and smooze a new lady for hours. He finds controlling himself most difficult. The degree to which he loses his rear end in front of Lance reflects that difficulty.

I laughed at him when this happened. I don’t know what he felt, if anything, but he turned to look right at me. This is the most socially adept dog I have ever known. I’ve known some brilliant wonderful dogs, so this is a HUGE compliment to this dog. You will see why later.

I had never made the observation of tail position differences between dogs and bitches before... Interesting, the straight saber tail is definitely a male thing. The curled over the back... female.

Melissa, wait til you see what these guys do with their tails; it’s amazing. As a dog’s macho confidence and excitement level waxes or wanes, so does his tail. This can change from moment to moment.

The hotshot girls with the tails curled over their backs displaying their “goods” are just too cute.

Lance's head seems slightly turned away from Blondie.. not coincidence I don't think. It seems everyone is just waiting to see what the "boss" is going to do.

Blondie is so confident. She projects this. Lance respects her. Men walking down the road at night respect her.

It absolutely confounds me that one bitch has all this attention! Although Blondie is the head honcho, it seems Snow is quietly running this show.

That’s the art of submission! Ding, ding, ding! Thank you.

Human psychology textbooks are filled with submission as a choice in how to handle life strategies.

Haven’t all trainers seen the hand licking little pet get whatever she wants from her loving human?

This not the first street dog I’ve seen use submission as a life strategy. Snow White’s manner is always so calm. This amazing creature is the first canine student of Gandhi that I have ever met. She does not fight back. I think this perplexes Blondie. Look how close to the food Snow is getting.

We all know how healthy well fed dogs can behave over food. To welcome a stranger to eat almost seems like an altruistic act.

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