Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Update

Since my return to Illinois, Shaker wants to go everywhere with me. He is one sweet golden boy. Mikki tries to give in to my leadership. This rottie girl struggles to do what I ask. When she’s at the window barking like a mad dog, I’ve been misting her with lavender. She calms and walks away from the window. I’ll let you know if this helps her get a grip long term. We live next door to a kennel. She needs to discriminate when she should alert and what is normal activity. In my opinion, my dog should not wake me up because my neighbor has company. She came so hyper excitable; this is taking a little time.

While I’ve been enjoying the dogs these two, the kennel has a couple of beautiful border collies. Borders can make up great games. Border collie watching is better than tv.

Kirt tells me about what the satos are doing. He’s getting to know when the dogs have been out hunting. Owl and Blondie came back home this morning all wet and covered in burrs. They hardly touched their kibble; these are signs of a successful hunt. As much as rats freak me out, I am so comforted that the dogs are dealing with them.

Blondie and Owl killed a young mongoose last week. Kirt said that they ripped the shit out of it, but made no attempt to eat it. Enemies or competitors, I have no idea. These dogs leave the cats and chickens alone. Well, they do like to chase the cats, but it’s halfhearted. We have some lovely small birds, so I hope the dogs are able to handle the imports before they get the birds.

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