Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My First Sato

An abandoned adolescent dog showed up a couple of weeks before we moved into our home overlooking Lake Guajataca. For days he followed Immanuel, a sweet seven year old to the bus stop. Soon the dog walked him home after school. The neighbor boy couldn’t keep him, so the dog slept in the bushes.

The little border collie mix was scarfing up leftovers and protecting the homes of his benefactors by the time we arrived.

A couple of days into our new home; surprise, there’s a dog living in the bushes at the bottom of our driveway. Recovering from surgery, in no condition to approach him I sat on the veranda watching him chase cars like a southern preacher after Satan.

One afternoon the little dog came up on our porch to get out of the tropical torrent. That’s the day we met Stormy, our first street dog.

My journey studying the street dogs of Puerto Rico began with falling in love with this clever critter.

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