Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Goodbye, See ya later!

It’s so difficult to leave our pets. People frequently wait until the last minute to drop them at the kennel. Some folks cry, and then get embarrassed. All dog lovers know that momentary pang we get in the heart, when it’s time to say good bye.

How deeply is that pang felt by our dogs? How long does this little misery last for them? How do they feel about us, when we leave them?

Kennel operators know about how kenneled dogs behave. We all know how our pets respond as we prepare to leave and when we come home.

In the last few years I’ve left my own dogs for extended periods. How the street dogs react to my absence gives a new dimension to the depth of a dog’s feelings. Their behavior has helped me see more clearly how the dogs in the kennel are doing.

I’m back in Illinois with my dear Shaker and Mikki. My commitments require me to be back in Puerto Rico by the end of the month. My last stay in PR it took six weeks for Stormy to trust me again.

My next few posts will explore the dimensions of being an absentee dog ma. Now, I have to get to the dentist to fix my broken cap.

Later, Tricia

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