Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Luck Flows Downhill

My neighbor’s dog, Bluto rarely leaves the fenced yard even without a gate; although last year he left home for a few days to romance Snow White.

Recently Bluto began showing up in our yard. Stormy is never happy with other males being around his spot, but Storm and Owl know Bluto. They are after all neighbors.

Why would a home boy like Bluto begin to stray? It’s a dog question, of course I needed an answer. You know how they say the simple answer is best; it applies here. The family moved out.

Lock, stock and left the dog. They gave a local family member money to feed Bluto. Okay, so Bluto is lonely. I can jump up and down telling you about a dog needing more than kibble thrown in a dish to nurture them. Or I can say he hasn’t been abandoned, he’s being fed.

It would be easy to get pissed off about this, but…

The man’s handsome virile brother was paralyzed early last year. Cutting down trees can be tricky. The tragedy took a toll. The man spent much time back in the states helping his brother, who shriveled into a sad lump in a wheel chair. The family pulled together as families do in hard times. They were adjusting to the new reality.

In January I saw the man’s daughter, a pretty woman in her thirties. Holy smoke, she had dark circles under her eyes. Her gaunt face peered out the window, only a serious illness or drugs could cause a young woman to deteriorate like this. Unable to contemplate a debilitating illness in one so young, I prayed she overcome drug abuse.

Today I found out that the family rushed their Corazon (heart) to the states for cancer treatment and hospice. How much can you take?

Word is the family is not coming back. For now Bluto is being fed. He’ll hang out with the three already here, then what?
I’m exploring my way in a new land; keep you posted on Bluto. He really is a pretty cool dog.

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