Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Can a Dog Do?

Bluto has been abandoned. When Kirt (my husband) told me that a family member was feeding Bluto, it seemed like a short term solution at best. Would someone come to get him? It’s not bloody well likely.

He’s just a bag of bones. The way he woofed down breakfast, Was the weight loss from depression? Whoever is coming to feed this dog hasn’t shown up since I’ve been back.

Stormy's ears and tail are all dry and scabby. Kirt said, “That street dog won’t let you do anything to his tail.” I have as good a relationship with this sato as I have ever had. Tyr, my top dog of all time read me like a book. Thanks to him I read Stormy almost as well as he reads me. Stormy let me oil his rat tail.

Health care is a huge problem for satos/street dogs. Lumps n’ bumps, rashes, broken bones, or lying on the side of the road dying; it’s all the same for a street dog.

Right now, I’d be happy to see birth control become the method of population control for these dogs. To that end I will be attending the Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference. It starts tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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