Friday, April 8, 2011

Que Pasa?

I’m fat and spoiled. I didn’t think I was useless. My human loved me.

I ate so much, my tummy hurt. My human cuddled me so much. What will my human do without my cuddles?

I bark alert, warning is my job. My human gave me this green leather collar; it’s good leather too. How will my human know when danger approaches?

I love to be with my human. My human took me for a car ride. What will my human do without me?

Yes, folks, this beautiful little creature was dropped off just two doors down. My elderly neighbor would like to keep her; can’t afford to have her spayed. Here’s where I need to find out more about the spay certificates from the government. Like I need one more thing to do, well perhaps I do.

My neighbors are caring people, who do what they can for the satos.

In general people don’t seem to feel responsible for the dogs’ welfare. I suppose that’s the way we feel about fox and coyote in Illinois.

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