Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Animal Welfare Activists

I really am one of them. It shouldn’t be a surprise. Ever since I took the Animal Control Course, the welfare of the street dogs has been part of my day.

My life training, showing dogs has been a passionate adventure. I believed in pure bred dogs. The AKC was the mother ship.
Animal activists were the idiots letting dogs out of their crates at dog shows.

I volunteered at the Kendall County Shelter. Animal Control Warden Christine Wies was my hero. Raising money for things the shelter needed was my way of giving back, but activist; nah.

The direction of my life detoured when the little sato, Stormy got out of the rain on my veranda. It’s all his fault. What’s the life of a free ranging dog like? What can I do to improve the quality of life of dogs like Stormy?

The 2011 Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference confirmed it; I am an animal activist. The impressive lineup of speakers, who are making a difference for animals in diverse parts of the globe, gave nuts n’ bolts talks.

Kitty cafes, neuter and adoption programs where neglect was the norm is what I want to emulate. Networking, building support teams the conference organizers set us up for success.

Thank you to the Humane Society International and their sponsors for the opportunity to learn how to better help the animals. I am so honored to be one of you.

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