Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still Learning To Speak Dog

Those of you who are interested in dog language are going to love this.

Have you heard that little snorting some dogs do when we pet them? That dog is welcoming you close.

Not all dogs do this with us. Enough make this three “syllable” sonorous sound, that I eventually tried it back.

When I get it right, all the street dogs I’ve tried on have responded. Some have raised the head to give a quizzical look before getting closer. Others just zoomed in as close as they can get.

It’s like having a new toy.

It’s three little snorts on the exhalation. Get your body relaxed before trying this. It’s a friendly sound; don’t get uptight about doing it right. You know who you are. When I shake my head side to side (small movement) while making the sound some dogs get so excited.

The next step is to try it on satos I don’t know. We’ll have to go for a ride later; there is a colony of satos by punte blanco. They are well fed and a little aloof except the man who feeds them. This will be the acid test. After all it could be dogs who know me just reacting to me being silly. I don’t think so, but I’ll honor the possibility.

If you try this, please give me some feedback. Or if somebodyelse has already come up with this and I just didn't know. In which case, sorry it's new to me.
Happy wiggle butts, Tricia


  1. When doing this with goldens should I wiggle my head and my butt? ;) I'm going to try.