Friday, April 22, 2011

Is this the Picture of a Street Dog?

Don’t you think she’s lovely to be roaming the roads on Caribbean island? I saw the sweet look in her eyes; grabbed my camera, got this shot and she was gone.

Guessing that she was slinking away, afraid of us or something else with the low head and tail carriage, could be. Does this make sense or do you see something different?

It would seem that at least one leg is hurting; right?

Question: Is it the right rear or the left front? Or heaven forbid; could it be both?

By what looks like a layer of subcutaneous fat, she can’t have been on the road too long.

There are breeders of Labradors on the island. Pictures I’ve seen show me a nice quality of stock. Perhaps there is a lab rescue here. Let me find out; I’ll get back to you.

In the mean time let’s play which is the hurt leg!

By the way Chi-ping is doing well. She’ll get back with you later.


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