Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Day on The Street

Birds chirping announced the light. MY fine black Casanova trotted up the road without a sniff good-bye. I could go with him, but I was left here. Besides, the ladies here feed me. What if there is no food where he’s going? He thinks it will be better up the road, but I know he was afraid of the three big boys on the hill.

The two neighbor ladies open their houses when the sun lights the valley. They talk to me. My tail wags so hard; I like talking and food. I like talking and food. Oh, that was so good.

It’s a beautiful day in Puerto Rico; last night’s rain made everything so fresh and clean. That means it’s time to scent mark, so everybody knows I’m here.

My human must miss my cuddles. These ladies like me, but they don’t cuddle. I love laps and cuddles, but the grass is soft. The sun is warm. The mami in the one house has a clean bowl of water out for me. It’s time for a siesta.

Dreaming of my life on a lap before awakening on the street; I stepped into the road for a shake and a stretch. That’s all I remember before a big SUV hit me. “Yipe! Yipe! Yipe!,” I screamed.

The two mamis came running out of their houses. The lady up the hill appeared, watching as I shook it off. She gently held my chin, while her hand slid across my body. She said that I was lucky. Blondie and the boys came down the hill to give me a sniff; I’m okay. The ladies smiled at my prancing and tail wagging.

Now, I know why these street dogs hate cars. The lady up the hill said I was lucky; that must mean my human will be back soon.


  1. My darling Trish, Will you please bring me little Casanova so I can get him ready to ship to the states? He'll be safe inside with me and I'll turn him back into a lap dog I promise. He looks just like my little Jacko that just went with Kathy to Wag On Inn. I'm sure I can get him there once he's got all his shots and is sterilized. I adore him. He is precious and he really was somebodie's lap doglet. Love you sister. Thanks for all you do for the animals! Xx me