Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life’s Ironies


Lake Guajataca is part of karst country. As nearly as I can figure a karst is geology's answer to a fallen soufflé. The result is we feel like we live in a big green tea cup. The lake at the bottom is the focus of where we look mostly, but the wall of green soothes my soul.

My husband talks about it being an oxygen factory in the middle of an oxygen warehouse, which would be the deep ocean. I just know that the healing that goes on in my body when I 'm here is mystical.

My beautiful home on the side of the teacup is not without its problems, which at the moment includes no water service for the whole neighborhood for the last several months. Water trucks come to fill up rooftop tanks; hopefully you are home when they're in the area. The new water line is just the other side of the hill, so maybe not too much longer we'll have water pressure. It's the little things that make a life normal.

The dogs are all passed out on their sides. Blondie has been carrying her pups right behind the diaphragm now we watch the wave like movement in her side as they line up under the exit sign. I already have a home for one of the pups. I doubt that she had enough nutrition to support too many embryos.

Stormy had a snit with Bonita tonight just after they finished eating; he ran over to her, bit her and growled. He tried to chase her off. This on the very first day I have ever seen her attempt to play with him. Wonder why he tried to drive her off after the meal? He had plenty to eat. Blondie is usually more apt to try to drive her off and that's always during feeding time.

Next week we'll be in San Juan for my Animal Control Class, which is the first ever on the island. This should be interesting. I've taken classes in breeding, raising, training, showing, health issues, conformation; but this is my first in animal control.

It is a major irony in my life that I came to Puerto Rico to get away from dogs. After my last surgery, my doctor told me I couldn't work for at least six months. I am a dog trainer from Illinois, so we went to our new home in Puerto Rico so I wouldn't be tempted to mess up my surgery by fooling with the dogs. Who knew this was an island full of dogs just waiting for me.


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