Friday, January 29, 2010

Morning is Over

Just finished the morning of our last day of class. A week of classes in Spanish has been some what draining for me. Looking forward to the day when I can speak to people in this language and have communication.
The energy and excitment in the room is palpable. The first class of Animal Control Officers graduates tomorrow. One of the class leaders here has announced the formation of an association representing us. The first meeting will be in one week from our graduation. This should keep the positive momentum going.
I don't know where I'll fit into this picture, but if I am going to be involved these are the people who will be there in the trenches.
Saturday is the day I've been waiting for because the people who are active in dog rescue on the island are going to be on a panel discussing what we can do now to ameliorate the problem.
A number of people in the class are police and cruelty investigators, some are groomers, others are dog trainers and the rest are rescuers. We have a nice experience base.
All of this talk about dogs and not a dog to pet. On the break a young man said how much he missed his dogs. That is so true for me as well. I can't wait to get home to see the puppies. If Stormy is the father of any, I am going to have a dog again. If not one pup is spoken for already, the rest will get good homes here or back in Illinois.
So I guess I'd better have lunch we have a full program for this afternoon plus two more tests to take.

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