Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunset in San Juan

Sunset in San Juan is spectacular. The lagoon is indego, just enough light hits the palm trees to make them a golden green. The yellow lights twinkle like stars. Several preppies glide by in long rowing boats, then indeginous guy comes across the lagoon. Like a Puerto Rican prince, he glides over the water standing on a board that doesn't look any larger than a surf board. His slim hips and broad shoulders cut a fine siloette in the twilight. Each evening I see his effortless strokes as he solos to shore.
Our quaint hotel has a small balconey with our room. Sitting with my laptop I plan to do home work, but the warm breeze seduces my thoughts, which flit like the fluffy white clouds that turn pink at dusk
The shadow cast by one building on to a larger looks like at set from West Side Story The outline of what looks like a fire escape is so vivid I visualize Maria and Tony dancing out. Yeah, I know that was New York.
The Condado area along the ocean is some high end real estate, but I am a country girl, missing my home on the hill. Also miss my canine friends.
Blondie had her puppies at my neighbor's house, which begs the question; are they my neighbor's puppies? Iam planning to have the puppies adopted, mommy and last litter daughter spayed.
After sitting in class all day, a walk along the ocean is theraputic. The full moon reflected on the water, white caps crashing into shore makes me think; I am so glad I'm not in Illinois right now. Smile

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