Monday, February 1, 2010

Good To Be Home

As wonderful as last week was, it was fantastic to sleep in my own bed. Getting up looking at the lake in our quiet section of the island is what I sorely missed.
Nature is so controlled, so manicured in San Juan. The wild somewhat unkempt look of Cibao suits me fine.
For five nights The Puerto Rican prince, a.k.a. indigenous guy, slid across the lagoon standing on his board . His solitary siloette became part of my sunset experience. On Friday he was not alone, his arm was wrapped tightly around the waist of a beautiful woman, you know the kind that every man looks at when she walks into a room and other women say,"Oh, shit, she's here."
There is a little bodega across from La Concha that has the best home made food at cheap price. Given how much this last week cost, that was a very good thing. This is the kind of place the locals go in, but the tourists don't so much because it doesn't look good compared to the high end stuff that surrounds it. We found it to be a diamond in the rough. The vegetable salad was the best I've had here bar now. We ate at a couple of "better" restaurants. I found the food disappointing, overcooked seafood, yuck.
The fountains, the statues, the cleanliness, the beautiful buildings, the warm night air, the ocean made our evening in Condado very enjoyable. There are some really great buildings that if we go back, we'll have to find out about the architects. This area had a fine selection of pure bred dogs out for a walk. It looked like a couple of pet sitters were doing good business. The number of street dogs in this part of town surprised me. Yes, even in the expensive part of town there are homeless dogs. One young man was sitting on the sidewalk. He looked to be homeless. His little bundle of belongings was next to him. In front on him curled up in a doggie bed was his dog.
Stormy was his usual self. Bonita was a little more shy. Blondie was still leaking after birth. She has her puppies hidden on my neighbor's property and she wasn't home, so I fed Blondie, then she went back to take care of her puppies. Hope my neighbor is home tomorrow so we can take a look at where the pups are. It looks like the pups are in a grove of banana trees. No one has seen them. We don't know how many or anything. Blondie was happy to see us, so I thought she might bring her puppies to the house, so far she hasn't.

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