Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waiting to Meet Blondie's Babies

Blondie is away from her puppies more than any other canine mom I've known. With pups less than two weeks old hidden somewhere, Blondie lays around with Stormy and Bonita on our veranda. This amazes me because all the bitches I've known with one exception had to be encouraged to leave their puppies for more than a quick meal or potty break. Some insisted on meals in the whelping box. Napping with friends a couple hundred feet away seems lackadaisical.
She has been fed and watered, now it is time for attention. Blondie looks as if she wanted to jump into my lap. I am glad she decided against it. Blondie doesn't think too much; she's a basic I see it, I want it kind of girl. If there is a dog eating and another waiting for a turn, she will barge right up to the dish and stick her head in the bowl. She reminds me of a school yard bully I knew in grammar school, who used to say, "Everything, mine!" The back of Stormy's skull is bleeding frequently because she inforces her position vigorously.
I wonder if this communal nap time isn't a bonding strategy. It happens regularly enough that either its a bond reinforcer or she just misses her friends. Either way I am wondering where the pups are, so I go to my neighbor's to visit.
My neighbor speaks less English than I do Spanish, but we always manage to communicate. She takes me around behind her house, which is up on blocks on a steep incline. There is a small space behind a support wall. The rocks and rubble make it a place I won't be going any time soon. Blondie who had just been napping on my porch comes wiggling out from under the house.
Blondie gives me a big greeting even though I just left her. She circles my legs, then stands in between them. This gets my neighbor laughing. Blondie's tail wags even faster.
In less than two weeks the puppies will be open their eyes, so we'll have to wait for them to leave the den. When my dogs whelped litters we were in constant attendence. I'd like to have them on my porch where I can micro manage every detail, what did nature do without me! Patience is still difficult for me, oh well.
Blondie follows me back home and resumes her nap with Stormy and Bonita.

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