Thursday, February 11, 2010


What an idiot I am! One of the coolest observations I have ever made about dogs and I call it the wrong name. I am so sorry.
The call to action bark would have been the call Stormy was responding to, not his reply. His reply even sounds like an, "Ok, here I come." It's the change in the third bark that caught my attention the other night.
When I first came here after my surgery, for days Stormy was my companion while I sat on the porch like a lump. I felt so badly, I ignored him for a bit, but he hung around. We don't have a fence so critters come and go.
One of the first things that fascinated me was the dog chatter. This chatter doesn't happen too often, most barking is intruder alert of one form or another. At various times of year you will hear the, "The bitch is over here; let's get her." barks of excited low ranking males. These are the ones who aren't getting any for what seems to them like an eternity. That's very different tone of barking. It sounds like a hot summer's night, the dogs I remember barking in New Orleans when I was a kid. I had no idea what they were doing. Smile.
So anyway the name of this bark should be ... hmmm .. I'm open to suggestions, requires further thought after my last naming event I'll shut up, now.
Well, there is also the assumption that he is going to the dog who barked just before him. As I get in better shape I'm going to follow. Oh, my bones hurt thinking about it.

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