Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, Let's Take Another Look

This picture was actually taken first. Blondie has just learned sit. Its a light bulb moment for her. The only control I've worked on with the dogs is the stop what your doing sound and good dog/praise.
Here I am talking to the dogs in my happiest, sweetest voice. Bonita won't even look at me.
At this point I'm confident that I can keep Blondie from breaking. How far do I have to go to get Bonita to go for the treat?
Now, look at the subtle change in Blondie's posture, how down into her sit she is! Ready to spring? Her head is under my hand.
Notice in the top pic how even tho Blondie seems to be totally focused on me how open her ear is. It seems to me that submissive folds are a tad more fold that Ms. Blondie's is. Bottom pic her ears are forward toward the treat and Bonita.
Maybe, Blondie's previous attacks have taught her daughter not to take food. It's all subjective.
The fun part is when we guess right the reply is like speaking to e.t.. The lip licking and yawning that Boni and we doing to each other emboldened her to play nip at me. It wasn't about defense; it was pure puppy.
I guess the sad part is that dogs throw at least hundreds of signals at us each day. They always seem so tail waggy, dare I say happy when I get one right.
 It's like playing charades. So what do you think?

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